Laser Graphic Shows

Laser graphic display will mesmerize and can draw the audience’s focus to exactly where you want.

Laser Beam Shows

 Laser Beams are variety of spellbinding geometrical patterns like moving waves, fans, cones, hot beams and many other shapes hovering over audience head perfectly timed with the music.

 Laser Man / Girl 

Welcome to a world where Science-Fiction becomes Reality! Welcome to a world of High Technology Entertainment! Amazing visual impact with these powerful domesticated Laser Act! Incredible Light Illusionism Show!

Live Concerts / Festivals

LaserTech provides lasers for some of the best and largest concerts and festivals in INDIA. Our high powered lasers are compact, portable and best in the industry to cater such requirements.

 Special Laser Effects

Any event entrance is given at most importance to give their guest a special way to welcome them.


Laser Show at weddings is a must have entertainment to add that Love story to this wonderful day! For sure everyone wants to have wedding as memorable and magical as it can be.

Permanent Theme Park Installations 

LaserTech is acknowledged for its innovative permanent installations attractions combine a large range of technologies including High Powered Lasers,