Laser Grid

Brand New Laser Technology for creating special effect entry. It can be installed at various places in your event like Laser Grid Tunnel Entry, Laser Entry Gates, Laser Roof Effect and many more effects. Suitable for all kinds of events from corporate, weddings, discotheque and pubs.

Laser Tunnel

Any event entrance is given at most importance to welcome their guest in a special way. Our Laser Tunnel can create a space experience, where the guest walks through the conical liquid shaped tunnel, which makes them feel absorbing walk through to the main hall.

Experience Zone

This can mesmerize guest as they walk through this zone. A star wars effect created using multiple laser projectors, hot multi-coloured laser beams bouncing through mirrors in criss cross all the way through entrance zone. This is one of the best concept and to be remembered for a very long time.

Laser Grid At Enterance

laser experience zone

Laser Grid with tunnel

Laser Tunnel

laser roof effects

laser grid

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