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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are several concerns in regards to the Laser Show, 3D Video Mapping Projections or any other services we render. We have a complete solutions in terms of making your event a ‘wow factor’ as well as considering all the safety factors with well trained expertise.

Laser Information and Safety

Q. What is a laser?
A. The term laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. What that means, is that when certain gases such as helium and neon are stimulated by large amounts of electricity, they emit light that radiates through mirrors and lenses that focus and amplify the light into an extremely tight and bright beam.

Q. How much electricity are we talking here?
A. In the early days of lasers, the systems could use tremendous amounts of electricity. Some of the systems would hook up to 480V 3 phase electrical connectors. These systems also had to use water cooling due to the amount of heat produced. Now, newer, more efficient solid-state diode based lasers use significantly less electricity. A state of the art laser show can be put on using no more energy than a hair dryer which goes into single phase 15 amps power supply and we call it just Plug-n-Play.

Q. What was different in the ‘early days’ of lasers?
A. While quite a few of these older, water cooled lasers are in use today and by many professional opinions are still the best lasers, newer laser systems introduced over the last 10-15 years use solid-state diodes to produce the laser beam. These diode lasers are small, lightweight, and efficient. Most of the systems are air cooled and can run off standard 110V and 220V plugs. Therefore, spectacular laser shows can take place in locations previously difficult or impossible to operate in.

Q. Are newer diode lasers are more safe than gas based?
A. Diode lasers use less electricity and do not use water, so they are inherently easier to set up and maintain. However, lasers, including diode lasers, can be very powerful and extremely harmful if shown in someone’s eyes. We never point a stationary laser beam of any kind into someone’s eyes. This being said, lasers used as graphics and designs are not as dangerous because the beam is constantly moving, therefore the potential for eye damage is reduced to safe levels. When laser beams are used to shine down into an audience, this is called audience scanning.

Show Design:

Q. I saw this amazing effect at this show… I was at… can I get the same effect?
A. Most likely yes. If you can give us a good description of the effect that was performed, we can probably duplicate it for you. Or we have in-house graphics animation and 3D artists can design a spectacular shows customized.

Q. I have a logo that I want to display at a dinner/meeting/event. Is this possible?
A. Absolutely. We can custom make almost any design into a laser image in full color.

Permanent Shows:

Q. I was thinking of a permanent sort of installation. Is this possible?
A. Yes, Definitely. We specialize in permanent laser show installations.

Q. I was thinking a whole permanent show with music, lasers, lights, etc.
A. Not a problem. We can supply entire show packages, in which one unit can control everything from lasers, video projection, music, intelligent lighting, water effects, water screen and many more. These systems can operate on timer based systems, dusk to dawn switches, constantly on or manually operated with external event cues.

Q. What kind of external event cues can be used?
A. The systems can be controlled externally with MIDI keyboards, SMPTE time code, DMX or networked computers. This can allow someone to operate a pre-programmed and inspected safe permanent laser and light show that would normally not be able to do so.

Q. How are these shows programmed? And once they’re programmed, can I have something changed?
A. Our professional show designers will lay out a complete show based on your requirements. We can custom design any show for any venue. Give us some ideas, and we can run with them. If you want to change a show, just call us. The shows can be changed at any time, but usually will require an on-site visit.

One Time, Short Term and Mobile Shows

Q. I have an event that I want to have lasers at. What can you do?
A. Your imagination is your limitation. Indoor, outdoor, we can do it all. We can do simple, single color, single laser shows to full productions involving a dozen lasers and full color. We can provide everything you need for a dazzling laser light show that will wow and awe the audience.

Q. I want to have a laser show for my touring band. What is possible?
A. Your imagination is the limit. With today’s advances with solid-state lasers, highly complex but portable shows are possible. Most shows require nothing more than a laptop to control them.

Purchasing / Regulations

Q. Can I just order everything from you for a permanent installation and you just ship it to me and I install it myself?
A. Since we design the complete permanent installation project, it will be installed by us including all the elements supplied and installed with customized theme presentation programmed and we train locals to operate and do basic maintenance.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here. Feel free to Contact Us.