All about 3D Video Mapping Projections

Video Projection Mapping is an exciting new age projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software and Media Engine Server systems are used to warp and mark the projected visuals to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection into a spectacular one.

LaserTech 3D Mapping projections are essentially "Light Plays" on customized surfaces that often digitally recreate their creative features and use them to fantastic effect to ‘woo’ audiences. They can be a powerful and a visually stunning way to convey a message with creative visuals. The concept for the creative projection will be visualizing the theme product to be displayed on the custom multi-level backdrops with creative ideas. The Architectural Video Mapping projections are visual treat to witness the power of modern age technologies to convert the building surface into a live show surface.

Why LaserTech?

Experience is the key what we depend upon. LaserTech is 18 years old company and we have been in to Laser Show, Video Mapping with Special Effect and Water Techniques services. We have traveled extensively in India touching every nooks and corner of the country and exposed our talents in more than 15 countries, including US and Germany. LaserTech comprises in-house production team of 2D-3D Animators and designers, Visualizers, Content and Script Writers to customize any theme to fantastic visual experience. Well trained and experienced Laser Technicians, Video Projector engineers, Acoustic Engineers and Project Engineers are enthusiastic to work on new and exciting projects.