3d Video Mapping

3D Video Mapping Shows

LaserTech 3D Mapping projections are essentially “Light Plays” on customized surfaces that often digitally recreate their creative features and use them to fantastic effect to ‘woo’ audiences. They can be a powerful and a visually stunning way to convey a message with creative visuals. The concept for the creative projection will be visualizing the theme product to be displayed on the custom multi-level backdrops with creative ideas.

Architectural Building Projections

Similar to  augmented reality, it’s the projection of 3D motion graphics in real-time onto the surface of a building or structure or even a monument. The result is the exterior of the building appears to come alive with animated forms, transforming into a dynamic construction. The projections are meticulously mapped to fit the specifications of the building and sound usually accompanies the display.

Laser Effects Library

LaserTech lasers enable artists to create fully animated, full color 3D imagery, and project the results onto almost any medium or surface.

We have also done High Profile shows like

Swarnim Gujarath 50 Years Celebrations (3 consecutive years).